I am happy to undertake commissions of all sizes, using different stitch/thread mediums.
The images are drawn freely, using a sewing machine and/or hand stitching. The pictures appear as pen and ink drawings from a distance, but close inspection reveals that they are textured pieces, worked with thread on fabric. Stray threads are left hanging, to add depth and interest. 

Each drawing is totally unique as it would be almost impossible to repeat stitch the same image in exactly the same way.

I work mostly from photographs which can be emailed to me or sent to me by post. These need to be clear and high quality and quite close up in order for me to capture detail. It is useful to have several photographs to choose from as not all images translate well into stitch.

The completed stitched drawing is presented on a stretched canvas frame. It is lightweight and portable. The stitching is easy to see from different angles without being obscured by reflections from a traditional glass frame. A light hoover will keep the drawing free of dust.

It is difficult to manipulate the threads so that they are loose and intuitive if I work on too small a canvas. It is for this reason that the canvas frame sizes I tend to use range from 12”x 16” upwards (starting at £350) - the most popular size being 16”x 20” (from £425)

If you are interested in commissioning a stitched drawing, please get in touch via my contact page. I would be happy to hear from you !