b. 1986, HK.

I am a Textile Fine Artist who draws with thread to create unique portraits and landscapes. Since completing my degree in Creative Art where I combined Fine Art (Printmaking) with Textiles, I have continued to develop my interest in textural mark making.

I have been fortunate in having my work exhibited both nationally and internationally.

It is the idea of considered mark making that intrigues me.

Drawing with thread is a continuous process of decision making. Deciding what is required for example, to conjure up a facial feature – exactly where the needle enters and exits the fabric, the type of thread, the length of each stitch, the number of stitches needed to suggest a smile or capture an emotional nuance. 

Each executed mark, however small, is a decision made.

I combine hand stitching with machine stitching (using my trusty old Bernina domestic sewing machine).  Colour is hand printed onto the stitched drawing, using a limited palette of dysperse dyes.

It is a process that absorbs the hours and I often find myself at 2am wondering where the time went !

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